Operation IMpact

Our team

Our Co-founders & Executive Team

Co-Founders Mike (Executive President) & Julie Signorelli

Mike and Julie have been doing nonprofit work for many years. They are Pastors at V1 Church in New York. When Mike grew up poor in Hammond, IN and had years without Christmas presents he wanted to help children remember that someone cares and someone sees them. 

For many years Mike and Julie have served in the communities they have lived over the years. They wanted to be able expand the borders of generosity and provide for those who needed it the most.

Since coming to New York they have found “HOME SWEET HOME.” On the weekends you can catch them at Brunch in Brooklyn (Julie’s favorite pastime) or playing with their two girls, Bella and Everly. 

Co-Founders Tony (Executive vice President) & Frances Pappalardo

Tony and Frances are performance coaches, entrepreneurs and leaders of the philosophy and movement Customize Your Life—how to live a more intentional life in alignment with your values. 

Tony and Frances wanted to create a community of givers.  “One of the things we do is teach people how to better manage and grow their money… what was missing was what MORE they could do with it. We wanted to create more opportunities for us to come together as a community and make radical impact!”  

When not leading change or finding ways to make a difference, Tony and Frances can be found bumming around in sweatpants or board shorts with their kids, Vincent and Emerson and dog Grizzly. 

Diana Deeter - Executive Secretary
Diana Deeter is a driven, successful professional with a calling to serve others.  Since the beginning of her career in Business Administration, Diana has been focused on working with organizations that have a defined goal to help communities and individuals.
She is the Co-Founder of A Better Life Enterprises, B. One Foundation and Better Life Homes that all focus around supporting people and organizations to strategically grow their vision, and create goals, including financial plans. 
Her devotion to her family is an example of commitment, love, and endurance.  Every minute of her life is dedicated to making others better, without judgment, and with the sole purpose of achieving everything they can be. 

Our Advisory Board

Bryan & Sia Boehler
Bryan and Sia Boehler are full time parents and entrepreneurs, having spent over a decade coaching and mastering teamwork in business and as individuals.

While Bryan & Sia love the excitement of the coaching industry, their hearts have always burned for more.
They have an enormous love and passion for helping people as they have sought out many different organizations to support.

Knowing Operation Impact’s mission, they couldn’t think of an better way to give back their time and resources and helping others do the same.
Warren & Vanessa Frie
Warren and Vanessa are successful entrepreneurs, parents, educators and leaders.
They live out of their core values which have been passed on to their two wonderful boys not merely by words but by the right example. One of the most important values is that’s of community and contribution.
Giving back has always been in their heart. They have been able to redistribute their knowledge to a community of entrepreneurs all throughout the world and believe it’s a personal responsibility to give back time and resources to the local community. They are proud to stand behind an organization which is constantly seeking out ways to support those in need. They are even more proud to be able to do it as a family.
Luis & Jackie Moreta

Adventurers, Luis and Jackie can be found in the sunny and beautiful Dominican Republic.

They work side by side in their businesses/endeavors and love to travel, with the mission to always better the community and spread hope no matter where they go.

Luis loves exotic cars, and Jackie is a foodie but their main claim to fame is being fur parents to the cutest bunny, Oliver, and doggo, Pancho.

Patrick & Nathalee Francis
Patrick and Nathalee Francis are native Jamaicans who migrated to the United states over 25 years. They are parents of two sons Patrick Jr. and Ryan. Entrepreneurs at the core, they own of Coalhouse Grill in Baldwin, NY where Nathalee is their executive chef. They have established a cleaning company, after care and summer programs to further empower their community.
Further at their core is a heart for the church where they serve as Pastors at V1 Church. They take their outreach even further with their compassion to serve and mentor at risk children in their community and help them towards graduation. They open their restaurant to allow the homeless a night to dine in.
It is their life mission to help otters fulfill their purpose.

Our Impact Team

Emily Ekanayake- Director of Operations

Operation Impact is an initiative of “V1 Community Impact, Inc.”, a registered 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, EIN #: 84-3685987. All contributions designated for specific projects shall be applied to those projects, and we may assess up to 10 percent to be used for administering the gift. Occasionally, we receive more contributions for a given project than can be wisely applied to that project. When that happens, we use these funds to meet a similar pressing need.

Mailing Address

PO BOX 860091
Ridgewood, NY 11386